Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CCGS LOUIS S ST LAURENT post docking trials.

Heavy ,Arctic Class icebreaker CCGS Louis S St Laurent
underway during post-docking trials,Bedford Basin,Halifax,Nova Scotia on 4th
January 2012.
Owner: Government of Canada ,Dept of Fisheries and
Operator: Canadian Coast Guard
Builder: Canadian Vickers, Montreal
Commissioned: 1969 Rebuild: 1988–1993 (Halifax Shipyards).
General characteristics:
Class and type: Heavy Arctic Icebreaker
Displacement: 11,441 tonnes (12,611.54 short tons) Tons burthen: 5,370 tonnes (5,919.41 short
Length: 119.63 metres (392.49 ft) Beam: 24.38 metres (79.99 ft)
Draught: 9.91 metres (32.51 ft).
Ice class: 100 A
Installed power: 20,142
kilowatts (27,010.87 bhp)
Propulsion: 3 GE direct current motors powered by 5 x Krupp Mak 16M453C diesels.
Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h) ,Endurance: 205
Boats and landing craft carried: 1 x Zodiac Hurricane RHIB 2 x
workboat/lifeboat 1 x LCM barge.
Complement: 46
Aircraft carried: 2 x MBB Bo 105 or equivalent.

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