Saturday, April 25, 2015

TRANSPINE in Bedford Basin Anchorage

Ro-Ro Cargo vessel TRANSPINE coming to anchor in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S. early on 25th April 2015.
Build 2002
Yard: Stocznia Gdynia, Poland.
Former Name: FINNPINE
until Apr 2008.
IMO No: 9216638
GT 20,851t DWT 18,885 tons.
LOA 178.6 LPP 168.0 B 25.6 Draught 8.7 (Meters).
Service Speed 17.5 knots.
Manager: Rederi AB Translantic,Goteborg,Sweeden.
Owner: Longitude Shipping UK Ltd, c/o Manager.
Flag: Sweeden
Call Sign: SFIR

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Past week had two visitors to the Basin with HECTOR N arriving on the 15th in anchorage Seven.
IMO No: 9384100
Build 2008
Yard: Guangzhou Shipyard International, China.
Prior Names; Merion Gem, King Edgar.
GT 24,112 tons DWT 34,402 tons.
LOA 183m B 27.4m Draught 10.1m.
Owner: Persephone Shipping Group c/o Mngr.
Manager: Navios Tankers Management Inc.,Piraeus,Greece.
Call Sign: 3FEL3
HECTOR N departed to IOL Dartmouth and was soon replaced by a new Halifax caller.

Refined products tanker PILTENE was found anchored in the Bedford Basin  early morning of April 19th 2015.She departed later in the evening for IOL Dartmouth.
Build 2007 by 3Maj Shipbuilding Inc, Croatia.
 IMO No 9323376..
GT 30,641 tons/DWT 52,648 tons. LOA 196m LPP 187.3m Beam 32.2m Draught 12,5m
Machinery single shaft diesel @ 13,059bhp=14.5 knots.
Owner: Skrunda Navigation Inc, c/o Manager.
Manager: Latvian Shipping Co., Riga, Latvia..
Flag: Marshall Islands
Call Sign: V7LN6

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Products tanker TORM ROSETTA in Bedford Basin Anchorage

Products tanker TORM ROSETTA at anchor in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S. on 31st March 2015.
Build 2003
Yard: Oromichi Dockyard Co Ltd, Oromichi, Japan.
IMO No: 9254070
Previous name: Rosetta until April 2008.
GT 28,567 DWT 47,015 tons.
LOA 182.5m LPP 172m Beam 32.2m Depth 19.1m Draught 12.67m.
Machinery: Man B&W 6S50MC-C @11,583bhp=15.0knots.
Owner: Vessel Co 1 K/S c/o Manager.
Manager:Torm A/S, Denmark.
Flag: Denmark
Call Sign: OYNV2