Friday, February 14, 2014

PERSEUS N waits out Weather in Bedford Basin

Products tanker PERSEUS N anchored in the Bedford Basin, Halifax  early AM on 14th Feb 2014. She arrived on the 13th and was scheduled to off-load at Tufts Cove (NS Power)  in the Narrows,but was delayed due to Easterly gale of 13/14th. That berth is exposed to Easterly winds and utilizes dolphins and mooring bouys , not a great arrangement in high winds. This is believed to be her first call at the Port of Halifax.
Build 2009 by Hyundi Mipo Dockyard, Ulsan, S.Korea.
IMO No: 9424497
Previous name: ELBTANK FRANCE (Dec 2013).
GT 23,332 tons. DWT 36,264 tons.
LOA 184m,LPP 176m Beam 27.6m Depth 17.2m Draught 11.1m.
Machinery: Single shaft , diesel model MAN B&W 6S50MC-C @ 9,480KWs= 15 knots.
Manager: Navios Tankers,Piraeus,Greece.
Owner: TIS B3 Shiffahrts UG c/o Manager.
Flag: Liberia
Call Sign: A8PR8

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SEAPRIDE First Call at Halifax

Refined products tanker SEAPRIDE at anchor in  Bedford Basinon 11th February 2014.
Build 2013 by STX Offshore and Shipbuilding, S. Korea.
IMO No: 9629562
LOA 183 LPP 173 Beam 32 Meters.
GT 29,925 t, DWT 50,908 tons.
M/C: Single shaft diesel model MAN B&W 6S50 ME C8.2 @ 9,019 KWs.
Owner/Manager: THENAMARIS,Athens,Greece.
Flag: Malta
Call Sign: 9HA3272

Sunday, February 9, 2014

CIELO DI SALERNO another First Time Caller

Products tanker CIELO DI SALERNO anchored in the Bedford Basin ,Halifax , on 8th February 2014.This is her first call at the Port of Halifax.
IMO No: 9231614
Build: 2002
Yard: STX Offshore & Shipbuilding ,Jinhae, S.Korea.
GT 23,680t, NT 8,826t, DWT 36,031 tons.
LOA 183m LPP 174.5m Beam 27.4m Depth 17.6m Draught 11.0m.
Machinery: Single shaft diesel model 6S46MC-C @ 7,990 KWs.
Owner/Manager: D'Amico Tankers,Dublin,Ireland.
Flag: Liberia
Call Sign:A8AF4

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Refined products tanker HORIZON ARMONIA made her first call at Halifax this week ,shown anchored near Fernliegh in the Bedford Basin shortly after arrival on 1st February.
Build 2008
Yard: SPP Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Tong Young, S. Korea.
IMO No: 9407354
Gross Tonnage: 29,828 tons.
DWT: 50,326 tons.
Net Tonnage: 13,429 tons.
LOA 183m LPP 172m Beam 32.2m Depth 19.1m Draught 13.0m.
Machinery: Single shaft diesel with fixed pitch screw. Diesel type MAN B&W 6S50MC-C @ 12,713BHP = 14.9 knots.
Gear: 1 SWL @2.5t 1 SWL @ 3.0t 1 SWL @ 10.0t.
Owner: Boyero Shipping Ltd., c/o Manager
Manager:Horizon Tankers Ltd SA, Piraeus, Greece.
Call Sign:A8QI9