Monday, June 28, 2010


FGS SPESSART A1442 at anchor in the Bedford Basin,Halifax on 27th June 2010.
Type:Naval Replenishment Oiler.
Built 1977.
Class: Rhon Class Tanker.
DWT 14,169 tons.
Capacity: 11,500 M3.
Machinery: 5,880KW=16knots.
Crew:42 (Civilian)
Call Sign:DRKN

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Royal Fleet Auxilliary (RFA) FORT GEORGE A388 alongside Pier 23,Halifax,Nova Scotia on 25th June 2010.Part of theRoyal Navy's contingent at Halifax for the International Fleet Review celebrating the Canadian Navy's 100th Birthday.
Built by Swan Hunter and commissioned in 1993.
IMO No.8800690
Type:Fleet Oiler Replenishment (AOR).
Class:Fort Victoria Class.
Displacement:32,818 tons.
LOA 203m Beam 30.3m Draught 9.7m.
Speed: 22 knots.
Call Sign:GCOG


Canada Steamship Lines' bulkcarrier ATLANTIC HURON inbound for the National Gypsum pier in the Bedford Basin,Halifax,Nova Scotia on June 18th 2010. Shown proceeding North through the Narrows.
Built 1984
Yard: Collingwood,Ontario,Canada.
Type: Self-Unloading Bulkcarrier.
Previous Name: Praire Harvest
Gross Tonnage:22,746 tons.
DWT: 36,920 tons.
Net Tonnage: 9,299 tons.
LOA 218.1m Beam 23.13m Depth 14.16m Draught 9.53m.
Machinery Diesel single shaft with C.P. propellor. 11,094BHP.
Speed: 15 knots.
Owner/Mngr.: CSL Group Inc.,Montreal,Canada.
Call Sign: VCQN

Sunday, June 20, 2010


HDMS ABSALON L16 alongside at HMC Dockyard,Halifax.Nova Scotia on June 11th 2010.
IMO No.9284441.
Built by Odense Steel Shipyard,Odense,Denmark and commissioned in 2007.
Type: Command and Support Ship.
Class: Absalon Class. Two ships.
Sister: HDMS Esbern Snare L17.
Gross Tonnage: 8,623 tons.
DWT 2,400 tons.
LOA 137m Beam 18m Draught 5m.
Flag:Denmark (Navy)
Call Sign: OUFA


Orient Overseas Container Line's containership OOCL CHICAGO alongside the Fairview Cove terminal in the Bedford Basin,Halifax on 18th June 2010.
IMO No.9199270.
Built 2000 by China Shipbuilding Corp.,Kaohsiung,China.
Gross Tonnage: 66,677 tons.
DWT 67,278 tons.
Net Tonnage:39,576 tons.
LOA 277.4m B 40.0m D14.0m
Capacity: 5,714 teu with 656 reefer plugs.
Machinery: Diesel single shaft. Speed 25 knots.
Owner: New Container No 10 Shipping Inc, Liberia.
Mngr.:OOCL,Hong Kong.
Flag: Hong Kong,China
Call Sign:VRWQ2


General cargo ship NIRINT PRIDE alongside at Halterm on June 14th,2010, sporting her new nose (bow) which was badly damaged in an English Channel collission with containership MSC Nikita on 30 August 2009.
IMO No. 9214575.
Built in 2000 by Dalian Shipyard,Dalian,China as the CEC Atlantic (03).
GRT 8,861 tons. DWT 12,007 tons.
LOA 134.2m Beam 20.4m.
Flag: Isle of Man (U.K.).
Port: Douglas.
Call Sign: MVDG3


Bremen Class frigate FGS KARLSRUHE F212 alongside Jetty NB,HMC Dockyard,Halifax,N.S. on June 14th 2010.
Built by Howaldtswerke in 1984.
Displacement 3,600 tons.
LOA 121.8m
Machinery: 2 X GE LM2500 gas turbines; 2 X MTU 20V956TB92 diesels.
Speed 30 knots.
Call Sign: DRAV.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


New refined products tanker WINTER moored in Dartmouth Cove,Halifax Harbour on 18th June 2010.
Built in 2009 by 21st Century Shipbuilding Co.Ltd.,,South Korea.
IMO No. 9416800
Gross Tonnage:8,539 tons.
DWT 13,052 tons.
Net Tonnage 4,117 tons.
LOA 128.6m LPP 120.4m Beam 20.4m Depth 11.5m Bulb 3.5m.
Owner: Santee Shipholding Co. Piaerus,Greece.
Manager: NGM Energy SA,Piaerus,Greece.
Flag: Marshall Islands.
Port: Majuro
Call Sign: V7QA7


Ocean salvage tug RYAN LEET inbound passing McNab's Island,Halifax,Nova Scotia on June 18th 2010.
IMO No.7518977.
Built 1977 by Belaird-Murdoch,Ostend,Belgium.
Previous name: Salvor Commander.
LOA 66.76m, LPP 61.02m, Beam 13.0m, Depth 6.54m, Draught 5.7m.
Machinery: Twin diesels,9,600 BHP. Speed 16.0 knots.
Owner/Manager: J.Ray McDermott Canada Ltd.,Dartmouth,Nova Scotia.
Operator: Secunda Marine Services Ltd. Halifax,Nova Scotia.
Flag: Canada
Port: Halifax,Nova Scotia
Call Sign:VOQY

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Containership ZIM BEIJING alongside the Halterm terminal,Halifax,Nova Scotia on 14th June 2010.
Built 2005 by Hyundai,Samho.
GRT 54,626 tons DWT: 66,938 tons.
LOA 294 B 32.2 Draught 12 M
Machinery: Single shaft diesel (Sulzer) Speed 25 knots.
Owner:ER Schiffart Gmbh & Co.KG,Germany.
Call Sign:A8FU7


Ro-Ro cargo ship WLOCLAWEK anchored in the Bedford Basin,Halifax,N.S. on 16th June 2010.
IMO No:8302313.
Built 1n 1989,Gdynia,Poland.
GRT 15,635 tons. DWT 7,359 tons.
LOA 148 B 23 Draught 6(M).
Owner: Polish Euro Shpg.Ltd.
Mngr:Polish Levant Shpg.Ltd.
Call Sign:9HHN5

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


New crudeoil tanker MARE DORICUM alongside the Imperial Oil refinery,Halifax,Nova Scotia on 14th June 2010.
IMO No.9446374
Built 2009,Oct.
LOA 274m, Beam 48m, Draught 16m,Depth 23.2m
Gross Tonnage:81,449 tons.
Dead Weight Tonnage: 158,319 tons.
Machinery: Single shaft diesel 18,660KW
Owner:Compagnia Mediterranea,Rome,Italy.
Manager: D'Amacio Fratelli,SPA,Rome,Italy.
Flag: Italy
Call Sign:IBCQ


Cruiseship EXPLORER alongside Pier 20,Halifax.Nova Scotia on 14th June 2010.
Built by Blohm und Voss in 2001 as Olympic Explorer.
IMO No 9183518
GRT 24,318 tons.
Machinery: Twin diesels. Speed 27 knots.
Call Sign:C6TN4

Monday, June 14, 2010


The Vehicles Carrier AIDA alongside at AutoPort,Eastern Passage,Halifax,Nova Scotia on 24th May 2010.
Built 2006.
Yard:Daewoo Okpo,S.Korea.
LOA 200m Beam 32 m Draught 9m
GRT 60,942 tons Net Tonnage:48,704 tons
DWT: 21,500 tons.
Machinery: MAN B&W 7560MC-C @ 19,198 BHP.
Owner: Wallenius Line AB,Stockholm,Sweeden
Flag: Sweeden Call Sign: SBLI


Another K Line vessel the Dry Cargo Containership SUEZ CANAL BRIDGE alongside at Halterm,Halifax,N.S. on June 10th 2010.
Built in 2002.
IMO No. 9230311
LOA: 285 m,Beam: 40m.
Gross Tonnage:68,887 tons.
Owner/Operator: Kawasaki Kisen,Tokyo,Japan
Flag: Panama
Call Sign:HODM


MAASDAM alongside Pier 21,Halifax,N.S. on May 24th 2010.
Operated by Holland America Line,Netherlands Antillies,Maasdam is a regular caller at Halifax.
Built 1993. IMO 8919257.
GRT 55,575 tons.
Flag: Netherlands Call Sign:PFRO.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


New caller at Halifax,refined products tanker OKHTA BRIDGE alongside the Imperial Oil refinery oil dock,Halifax,N.S. on 10th June 2010.
Built 2004. Yard: Hyundai Mipo Dockyard,Korea.
IMO No 9256937
Gross Tonnage:27,829 tons. Net Tonnage:13,084 tons. DWT: 47,803 tons.
Owner: Wonderful Transport Co.
Mngr: Unicon Mngt.Services (Cyprus) Ltd.
Flag:Liberia Port: Monrovia
Call Sign:A8AR5


A new arrival at Halifax in June is the THAILAND EXPRESS ex OOCL Seattle (10) shown here on her return routing to the Far East via Suez on 10th June,10 at the Fairview Cove terminal.
Built 2007. Yard: Koyo Dockyard,Japan.
IMO No.9367188
Dead Weight Tonnage: 70,000 tons.
Flag: Panama
Call Sign: 3EIZ7