Saturday, December 26, 2015


Boxing Day 2015 was busy indeed after the quiet Christmas holiday. Alongside during Christmas was KOBE EXPRESS which lay idle until the 26th.First to arrive on Boxing Day was OOCL Kuala Lumpur followed at Mid-Day by OAKLAND EXPRESS which lay off Rockingham briefly while KOBE EXPRESS got underway from the East berth at Fairview. Lots of tug activity with  Atlantic's Larch, Willow and Oak deployed.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

BAHRI JAZAN calls at Fairview Cove

A first call at Fairview Cove terminal, Halifax on 20th December 2015 for BAHRI JAZAN a Saudi Arabian Con-Ro built in 2013 by Hyundi Mipo Dockyard.
GT 50,714 tons/DWT 25,901 tons.
Capacity: 364 teu.
LOA 220m LPP 211m B 32.2m Depth 21.55m Draught 9.0m.
Machinery Sulzer 7RTFlex 58D @ 17.000bhp. 14 knots.
Manager: Mid East Ship Mngt, Dubai, UAE.
Owner: National Shipping Arabia c/o Mngr.
IMO No: 9620970
Flag: Saudi Arabia.
Call Sign: HZFI.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Containership NORTHERN DEBONAIR coming from anchor in the Bedford Basin, Halifax AM December 16th 2015,she spent the night waiting out gale force wind storm (15th-16th Dec.).
Build 2004
Yard: Shanghai Shipyard
IMO No: 9353228
GT 35,975t DWT 42,183t
LOA 231m B 32.2m D 8.3m
Machinery: Diesel Mod. 7K90MC-C @ 42,805bhp=22.2knots.
Flag: Liberia
C/S: A8MH2

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SOPHIE OLDENDORFF Calls at National Gypsum

Self-discharging bulk carrier SOPHIE OLDENDORFF inbound, Bedford Basin, Halifax ,N.S. for the National Gypsum pier on 22nd September 2015.
Build 2000 by Jaingnan Shipyard, Shanghai, China.
IMO No 9138109
LOA 225m LPP 215m Beam 32.2m Depth 19.5m Draught 14.4m
GT 41,428 tons DWT 70.034 tons.
Machinery: Diesel single shaft @ 14,416bhp=15.9 knots.
owner/Manager: Oldendorff Carriers GMBH & Co,Luebeck,Germany.
Flag: Portugal
Call Sign: CQLX

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hapag -Lloyd's NINGBO EXPRESS largest caller at Fairview Cove Terminal.

Containership NINGBO EXPRESS outbound from the Fairview Cove terminal, Halifax on 8th September 2015. This is the largest vessel to call at the Fairview Cove terminal todate.
Build 2002.
Yard: Hyundi Heavy Industries, Ulsan, S. Korea.
Ex Name: Hong Kong Express
IMO No: 92299843
DWT 100,016 tons GT 88,493 tons.
LOA 320m B 42.8m Depth 24.5m Draught 14.5m
M/C: Diesel single shaft Mod MAN B&W 12K 98MC-C @ 98,360bhp=25.0 knots.
o/m: Hapag Lloyd
Call Sign: DHEB

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

OOCL SOUTHAMPTON largest OOCL caller todate.

OOCL SOUTHAMPTON inbound, Bedford Basin,Halifax on a foggy September 8th 2015.She is the largest OOCL vessel to call at Halifax todate. Other recent vessels such at Hapag-Lloyds recently departed Ningbo Express are slightly larger.
Build 2007
Yard: Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje S. Korea.
IMO No: 9310240
LOA 323m LPP 308m B 43m Depth 24.6m Draught 14.5m
GT 89,087 tons DWT 99,678 tons.
Capacity: 8,063 teu.
Machinery: Diesel mod 12K98MC-C at 91,886bhp =25.0 knots.
Owner: Asset Finance December M c o Manager.
Manager: OOCL, Hong Kong
Flag: Hong Kong
Call Sign: VRCU7

Thursday, September 3, 2015

AENEAS at Halterm

Containership AENEAS  spotted alongside at Halterm, Halifax, N.S. on 2nd September 2015.
IMO 9426790
Build 2010
Yard: Shainghi Jiangnan Changxing Heavy Industry Co Ltd.
Previous name: RHL FELICITAS
GT 54,182 tons DWT 63,059 tons
LOA 294m B 33m Dr 9.6m
Machinery: Single shaft diesel model 8K98MC @61,365 bhp=25.2 knots
Flag: Hong Kong

Thursday, August 27, 2015

ASPHALT STAR in Bedford Basin

Asphalt tanker  ASPHALT STAR coming to anchor in the Bedford Basin,Halifax on 11th August 2015.
IMO No 9127693
Build 1996
FORMER NAMES:until 2001 Oct SEAJOY;until 1997 Apr.ASIA PIONEER.
GT 28,559 DWT 46,432 tons.
LOA 182.5 B 32.2 D11.8 (m).
Flag: Greece
Call Sign:SVVF

Saturday, August 8, 2015

HAPAG-LLOYD's BUDAPEST EXPRESS at Fairview Cove Terminal

Hapag-Lloyd containership BUDAPEST EXPRESS alongside at the Fairview Cove terminal in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S. on 8th August 2015. Probably the largest vessel to date at Fairview Cove terminal.
Build 2010
Yard: Hyundi Heavy Industries, Ulsan, S. Korea.
IMO No: 9450430
GT 93,750 tons DWT 103,662 tons.
LOA 336m Beam 43m Draught 13.5m
Machinery: Single shaft diesel model MAN B&W 12K98ME @ 98,152bhp = 25.2 knots.
Flag: Germany
Call Sign: DGWE2

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Vehicles carrier GARNET LEADER alongside at Autoport, Eastern Passage,Halifax,Nova Scotia PM July 23rd 2015.
Build 2008 by Stocznia,Gdynia S.A.,Poland.
IMO No 9357327
GRT 57,692 tons DWT 21,020 tons.
LOA 200m LPP 188m Beam 32.2m Depth 19.98m Draught 10.0m.
Manager : Ray Car Carriers,Douglas,Isle of Man
Owner: Garnet Maritime Ltd.,c/o Manager.
Machinery: Dielel model MAN B&W 7560ME-C @ 21,508bhp=18.0 knots.
Flag: Bahamas
Call Sign C6WE4

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tanker GOTLAND MARIEANN in Bedford Basin Anchorage

Products tanker GOTLAND MARIEANN anchored in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S.  8th/9th May 2015.
Type:Products tanker
IMO No 9375575
Year Built: 2008
Builder:Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd.Guangdong Province,China.
Gross tonnage : 29,283 tons.
Dead Weight: 51,800 tons.
Length: 183.2 m,LPP: 174.4m, Beam: 32.2, Depth:18.2m, Draught: 12.0m.
Owner: Hafnia Tankers
Hellerup, Denmark
Manager: Wisby Shipmanagement
Lidkoping, Sweden
Flag: Bahamas
MMSI: 311037700
Callsign: C6YL8

Saturday, April 25, 2015

TRANSPINE in Bedford Basin Anchorage

Ro-Ro Cargo vessel TRANSPINE coming to anchor in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S. early on 25th April 2015.
Build 2002
Yard: Stocznia Gdynia, Poland.
Former Name: FINNPINE
until Apr 2008.
IMO No: 9216638
GT 20,851t DWT 18,885 tons.
LOA 178.6 LPP 168.0 B 25.6 Draught 8.7 (Meters).
Service Speed 17.5 knots.
Manager: Rederi AB Translantic,Goteborg,Sweeden.
Owner: Longitude Shipping UK Ltd, c/o Manager.
Flag: Sweeden
Call Sign: SFIR

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Past week had two visitors to the Basin with HECTOR N arriving on the 15th in anchorage Seven.
IMO No: 9384100
Build 2008
Yard: Guangzhou Shipyard International, China.
Prior Names; Merion Gem, King Edgar.
GT 24,112 tons DWT 34,402 tons.
LOA 183m B 27.4m Draught 10.1m.
Owner: Persephone Shipping Group c/o Mngr.
Manager: Navios Tankers Management Inc.,Piraeus,Greece.
Call Sign: 3FEL3
HECTOR N departed to IOL Dartmouth and was soon replaced by a new Halifax caller.

Refined products tanker PILTENE was found anchored in the Bedford Basin  early morning of April 19th 2015.She departed later in the evening for IOL Dartmouth.
Build 2007 by 3Maj Shipbuilding Inc, Croatia.
 IMO No 9323376..
GT 30,641 tons/DWT 52,648 tons. LOA 196m LPP 187.3m Beam 32.2m Draught 12,5m
Machinery single shaft diesel @ 13,059bhp=14.5 knots.
Owner: Skrunda Navigation Inc, c/o Manager.
Manager: Latvian Shipping Co., Riga, Latvia..
Flag: Marshall Islands
Call Sign: V7LN6

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Products tanker TORM ROSETTA in Bedford Basin Anchorage

Products tanker TORM ROSETTA at anchor in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S. on 31st March 2015.
Build 2003
Yard: Oromichi Dockyard Co Ltd, Oromichi, Japan.
IMO No: 9254070
Previous name: Rosetta until April 2008.
GT 28,567 DWT 47,015 tons.
LOA 182.5m LPP 172m Beam 32.2m Depth 19.1m Draught 12.67m.
Machinery: Man B&W 6S50MC-C @11,583bhp=15.0knots.
Owner: Vessel Co 1 K/S c/o Manager.
Manager:Torm A/S, Denmark.
Flag: Denmark
Call Sign: OYNV2

Friday, March 20, 2015


Bulk carrier FEDERAL TWEED anchored in the Bedford Basin ,Halifax on 20th March 2015.
Build 2013 by Oshima Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Oshima, Jpn.
IMO No:9658898
GT 31,590 tons DWT 55,317 tons.
LOA 190 LPP 185 Beam 32.2 Depth17.9 Draught 12.6 (m).
Machinery; Single shaft diesel @ 10,207BHP=14.5 knots.
Owner: Baffin Investments Ltd. c/o Manager.
Manager: Fed Nav Ltd, Montreal, Canada
Flag: Marshall Islands
Call Sign: V7YW4


BULK CARGO VESSEL REDHEAD at anchor in the Bedford Basin on St Patricks Day 2015.
Build 2004 by Tainjin Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industries Co Ltd,Tinjin,China.
IMO No: 9289540
LOA 199 LPP 192 Beam 24.o Depth 15.5 Draught 11.27Meters.
Gt 22,792 tons
Machinery: Diesel Mod 6S64MC-C @ 10,540BHP=14.5knots.
Cranes: 4 X 40 tonnes.
Owner: Pretty Rainbow Shipping c/o Manager.
Manager: Parakou Shipping Ltd,Hong Kong,China.
Flag: Hong Kong
Call Sign: VRAK4

Monday, March 16, 2015

SEAVICTORY in Bedford Basin Anchorage

Products tanker SEAVICTORY anchored in the Bedford Basin AM 16th March 2015.
IMO No: 9315783
Build 2007.Yard: Hyundai Mipo Dockyard,Ulsan,S.Korea.
GT 29,348 tons DWT 46,700 tons.
LOA 183m LPP 174m,Beam 32.1m Depth 18.8m Draught 12.2m....
Machinery: Single shaft diesel @ 12,900BHP=14.5 knots.
Owner: Highlander Seaways Inc. c/o Mngr.
Manager: ThenamarisShipmanagement,Athens,Greece.
Ex Name: Gan Victory until Feb.2010.
Flag: Malta Call Sign: 9HA2305
She had been discharging at Imperial Oil but moved to anchor on 15th due to galeforce winds.This often happens at the refinery leaving some question re the condition of the old oildocks there and their ability to keep large vessels secured in high wind conditions.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

ARCTIC BRIDGE in Basin Anchorage

Refined products tanker ARCTIC BRIDGE anchored in the Basin this AM 8th February 2015 in ARCTIC conditions (very cold).
IMO No: 9307815
Build 2005 by STX Offshore and Shipbuilding Co Ltd.
Gross Tonnage 30,053 tons DWT 50,921 tons.
LOA 183m LPP 173m B 32.2m Depth 19.1m Draught 13.27m.
Machinery: Single shaft diesel@ 18,436BHP=15.9 knots.
Owner:Arctic Bridge Tankschiffarts c/o Manager.
Manager: Norient Product Pool APS,Denmark.
Flag: Malta
Call Sign:9HDC9

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Products tanker VERIGE anchored in the Bedford Basin, Halifax. N.S. on 29th Jan. 2015.
Build 2010 by 3MAJ Shipbuilding, Croatia.
IMO No: 9401128
LOA 195 LPP 187 B 32.2 D 12.5 (m).
GT 30,638 tons DWT 52,606 tons
M/C: Single shaft diesel @ 12,940bhp=14.0 knots.
Owner:United Shipping Serv Eleven,Pula,Croatia.
Mngr: Uljanik Ship Management Inc.,Pula,Croatia
Flag: Croatia
Call Sign: 9AA6988

Sunday, January 25, 2015

KOUROS in Bedford Basin anchorage

Products tanker KOUROS anchored in the Bedford Basin evening of 24th Jan. shown morning of 25th Jan.
 2015 .
Built by STX Shipbuilding,S,Korea in 2008.
IMO No: 9374507
GT 29,993 tons DWT 51,278 tons.
LOA 183m LPP 173,9m B 32.2m D 19.1m Draught 13.13m.
Machinery: Single shaft diesel at 12,712bhp= 14.2 knots.
Owner Kouros Maritime SA c/o Manager
Manager:Grace Management S.A.,Piraeus,Greece.
Flag: Liberia
Call Sign: A8QD7

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HIGH FIDELITY in Basin Anchorage

Refined products tanker HIGH FIDELITY anchored in the Bedford Basin,Halifax,Nova Scotia on 12th/13th Jan. 2015.
Build 2014
Yard: Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard,Vietnam.
Owner: D'Amico Tankers Ltd.,Dublin.
Mngr: D'Amico Societa Navigazione,Italy
GT 29,935tons
DWT 50,000 tons.
LOA 183m B 32m
IMO No:9689146
Flag: Liberia
Call Sign: D5FL5

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

BALTO - First Call at National Gypsum

Self-discharging bulk carrier BALTO secured at National Gypsum in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S. on 6.1.15.This is the vessels first call at the Halifax facility.
Build 2013
Yard:Chengxi Shipyard,Jiangyin, China
Owner: Klaveness Shipmanagement
Oslo, Norway
Manager: Klaveness Shipmanagement
Oslo, Norway
GT:43,691 tons
Summer DWT: 71,500 tons
Length: 220 m
Beam: 30 m
Draught: 10.4 m
IMO: 9600982
Flag: Marshall Islands
MMSI: 538004926
Callsign: V7ZV8

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SEA SMOKE and a Cool Departure

ATLANTIC CARTIER in Arctic Smoke as she turns to exit the Bedford Basin, Halifax early AM 6th Jan. 2015 in minus 15 degree C weather. Note Atlantic Towing tug assisting with her turn. These ACL vessels have done Splendid Service over the years, due for replacement shortly? One keeps hearing this ,but no sign of new vessels.