Thursday, May 17, 2012

O-BOAT ex HMCS OJIBWA to Museum in Ontario

Ex HMCS OJIBWA shown here in the camber at the Gun Wharf, (Jetty Lima for you youngsters),NAD ,Dartmouth ,last July will be saved from the breakers.  The Minister of Defence,Peter McKay has signed an agreement which turns the Sub over to the Elgin Military Museum in St. Thomas Ontario.The vessel will be towed via a submersible barge similar that used to tranport Okanaghan last year.Operation will commence as soon as the tug/barge rig arrives.Now apparently in transit. A sister sub, Onandaga is preserved at Rimouski,P.Q. The R.C.N. operated three Oberon Class,O-Boats during the 60s thru 90s when the 'replacement' Upholder/Victoria boats became available. Maybe should have kept the O's going a bit longer says me! 20-20 hindsight.

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