Saturday, May 26, 2012


This photo snapped on 24 May 2012.Seemed strange to be flying the Union  flag rather than the normal red Duster (Ensign). Then this on Vessel Tracker today :
Stranded ship slated to move to Ocean Terminals before beoming a hazard Authorities planned to move the "AFL New England" on May 26, 2012, after it has been anchored in Bedford Basin for almost a month as the company operating was shut down. The "AFL New England" is running out of fuel and food for its 14 crew members. The ship was slated to move with own engine, accompanied by a pilot boat, to Pier 33 at Ocean Terminals. The container ship was left stranded when New York-based American Feeder Lines International shut down its chartered New England container service on April 27. Initially, it was thought the ship would return to sea quickly, as soon as its German owners, Rass Shipping, found a new operator for the vessel. But then warrants for outstanding debt began piling up at the Federal Court of Canada, preventing it from leaving until it gets clearance from the court. The list of creditors that have a hold on the ship includes Portland Pilots Inc., Atlantic Pilotage Authority, F.K. Warren Ltd., Boston Harbor Pilot Association, Massachusetts Port Authority and Cerescorp Co. (56 min ago, by Timsen) . Hmmm,What next?

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