Friday, December 5, 2014


Products tanker CENITO has been anchored in the Bedford Basin, Halifax, N.S.  during the week of December 1st 2014,she was briefly joined by the MARI DI VENEZIA  AM of the 4th and left as the sole occupant of the anchorage again on the morning of the 5th when the latter departed for the Imperial oil dock. Other tanker activity  on the 5th saw the SERIFOS arrival at the NSPC Tufts Cove  generating station with a timely supply of Winter fuel oil.
CENITO specs:
 Build 2009
IMO No: 9423736
Yard: Guangzhou Shipyard International Co Ltd, Guangzhou, China.
GT 29,313 tons. DWT 53.116 tons.
LOA 183m Beam 32m
O/M: LGR Di Navigazione, SPA,Naples,Italy.
Flag: Italy
Callsign: IBQC

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