Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AFL New England Ctnd.

AFL New England
Crew of arrested AFL New England begins to make way home As ChroniceHerald in Halifax reports, some members of the crew of the stranded container ship AFL New England headed home Tuesday, with remaining officers expected to depart Wednesday. The beleaguered ship will be shut down entirely and left under the care of the Halifax Port Authority pending a creditor’s sale through the courts. “Members of the crew are understandably in high spirits to be making their way home,” George Malec, the authority’s vice-president of business development and operations, said Tuesday. Malec said the ship will likely remain tied up at the port for months. “It will go through the legal process as an asset, leading to a sale and eventual court settlement for creditors,” he said. It is the latest development in a saga that saw the German-owned vessel arrested by the Federal Court of Canada on April 27.
Extract from Vessel Tracker June 6th 2012.

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