Monday, August 22, 2011


SICHEM OSPREY at IOL on 20th August 2011. Built 2009 by Dae Sun Shipbldg.,Pusan,S.Korea. GRT 17,789 tons. 169 X 26 X 15.6 X 10.0. Owner: Eitzen Chemicals,Singapore. Flag: Malta C/S: 9HTP9.
Crude tanker AMALTHEA at IOL on 20th August/11. Built 2006 by Daewoo Shipbldg and Mar Eng.,Goeje,S.Korea. GRT 60,007 tons. 248 X 43 X 21 X 14.5. Owner: Minerva Marine,Athens,Greece. Flag:Greece C/S: SYGJ.
ALGOSCOTIA at IOL on August 20th with Connor's Diving tender alongside.ALGOSCOTIA homeports at Halifax and is a regular caller as she plies her product around Atlantic Canada region.See specs elswhere here.
Refined products tanker ALPINE HALLIE alongside at IOL on 12th August 2011.Built 2009 by Hyundai,Mipo Dockyard,Ulsan,S.Korea. GRT 23,313 tons. 184 X 28 X 17.2 X 9.8. Owner: Glencore International,Switzerland. Flag: Singapore C/S: 9V7964.
ALGONOVA another of the ALGOMA Tankers herd at IOL on 12 August 2011. Built 2008 by Eregi Gemi Insa,Turkey.GRT 8009 tons. 129 X 19.8 X 7.6, Owmer: Algoma Tankers,Canada Flag: Canada C/S: CFN5191.
Refined products tanker MARVEA alongside the IOL refinery on August 11th 2011. Built 2006 by SLS Shipbuilding,S.Korea. GRT 25,385 tons. 176 X 35 X 17.2 X 11.1. Manager/Owner: MORFINI, Bari,Italy. Flag: Malta C/S: 9HOH8.
Crudeoil shuttle tanker MATTEA alongside at IOL on 11th August. A regular caller at Halifax MATTEA is based out of Newfoundland.Canadian owned by Penny Ugland Inc. Built 1997 by Samsung Heavy Industries,S.Korea. GRT 76,216 tons. 271 X 46 X 22.6 X 9.4. Flag: Canada C/S: VCSR.
Products tanker ALGOCANADA alongside IOL on August 11th 2011.Built by Ergi Gemi Insa,Turkey in 2008. GRT 8009 tons. 129 X 19.8 X 7.6. Owner: Algoma Tankers,Canada. Flag: Canada C/S: CFN5191.
Refined products tanker MERIOM GLORY alongside at IOL on August 7th 2011. Built 2008 by Guangzhou International Shipyard,Guangzhou,China. GRT 30,345 tons. 183 X 32.2 X 18.2 X 13.5. Manager/Owner; Overseas Maritime Carriers,Switzerland. Flag: Marshall Islands Call Sign: V7MK9.

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