Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bedford Basin Activities January 2010 ctd.

HMCS Athabaskan DDH/G 282 proceeding South in the Bedford Basin,Halifax for fuel alongside HMCS Preserver at Dockyard on January 14th 2010 ,just hours prior to departure with HMCS Halifax FFH330 for Haiti in response to the disasterous earthquake.
Type: Tribal Class Destroyer.
Built by Davie Shipbuilding Ltd,Lauzon , commissioned 1972.
Reconstructed (TRUMP) 1994.
Displacement:5,100 tons full load.
LOA 426 ft Beam 50 ft Draught 14.5 ft.
M/C: COGOG 2 X Cruise G/T 12,788SHP;2 X Boost G/T 51,000SHP. Speed 29+ knots.
Armnt: 1 X 29cell VLS Mk 411 X 75mm/62 Superapid DP gun1 X 20mm CIWS Phalanx2 X 3 Bbl Mk 32 12.75in TT w Mk 46mod5 torps50cal Mgs.
Aircraft: Provision for 2 X CH124 Sea King ASW helicopters.
Crew: 285 including airwing.
Flag: Canada/Navy.
Call Sign:CYWM

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